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About us

Our vascular, cardiac and abdominal ultrasound screenings are intended to identify people most at risk for life-changing events, such as stroke or heart attack, so that they can immediately seek medical attention. We are Ultrasound Imaging specializing exclusively in non-invasive cardiac echo, Vascular and abdominal ultrasound. Physician and patient satisfaction through exceptional care. We are the only fully-mobile ultrasound imaging company in Northern California that specializes exclusively in vascular and cardiac ultrasound and certified and credentialed by Medicare and Medi-Cal as an IDTF (Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility). 

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Mission Statement

Quality patient care, great customer service, and complete accuracy in our ultrasound images and exam interpretations are our missions. Our goal is to provide consistent, reliable and reproducible results through utilization of accreditation body protocols and interpretation standards  Ultrasound Laboratories Inc. is dedicated to your early detection of cardiovascular disease. Call us and be proactive with your health. Our vascular, cardiac and abdominal ultrasound screenings are intended to identify people most at risk for life-changing events so that they can immediately seek medical attention.

We provide physicians and their patients on-site services and we offer individuals an opportunity to receive low cost, painless, non-invasive ultrasound screening exams. Ask us about integrating with your corporate wellness program and your business can host an education talk or screening event for your employees.

Instant preliminary results, for free, are available with final interpretations read by qualified physicians. Results and images are available online 24/7.


Why Choose SmartHealth Screenings

1.)  SmartHealth Screening offers ultrasound testing  in our Mountain View, CA location. If you are restricted to bed rest in your home or a nursing care facility, call us to arrange an at home visit.

2.) Do you have a doctors order for an ultrasound and have insurance including Medicare or Medi-Cal? Provide a prescription from your physician, we can bill your insurance.

3.) Your physician interpreted results are available within two to three business days .

4.) We only hire Registered vascular, cardiac, and general abdominal ultrasound technologists through the ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers) and CCI (Cardiovascular Credentialing International). Our technologists specialize in venous, arterial, cardiac and abdominal ultrasound imaging.

5.) We provide patients with quality ultrasound images, performed on brand new ultrasound machines with the latest harmonic imaging, and always by qualified and registered sonographers.

6.)   Your exam interpretation will be performed by qualified radiologists, cardiologists or our vascular surgeon.  There are several components to this process: first, our surgeons and doctors meet the requirements for education and/or experience; second, our facilities and equipment meet recommended accreditation standards; third, the medical doctors maintain qualifications through continued experience and formal continuing medical education in the technique and its applications; and fourth, surgeons’ outcomes using ultrasound are assessed through a program of continuous quality improvement by both technologists and physicians.

7.)  Detection of disease with ultrasound is accurate and specific. Improvements in technology has increased the quality and reliability of studies. Ultrasound is a medically accepted and reliable means of obtaining health information and is FDA approved. Ultrasound offers effective and inexpensive means to be medically imaged with little discomfort and no known side effects.  It is relied upon by hospitals and doctors for medical information all over the world and has excellent specificity and sensitivity identifying and confirming various organ and cardio-vascular disease processes.

8.)  Ultrasound Laboratories Inc. is currently applying for accreditation by the Inter-societal Commission for the Accreditation of Vascular Laboratories (ICAVL) in: Extra-cranial Cerebrovascular testing, Peripheral Venous testing, Peripheral Arterial testing, Visceral Vascular testing and Echocardiography (ICAEL). The ICAVL and ICAEL are dedicated to promoting high quality noninvasive vascular diagnostic testing in the delivery of health care by providing a peer review process of laboratory accreditation.

9.)  If you have a prescription or written order from your doctor, let our registered and qualified ultrasound technologists perform your exam. We can bill most insurances including Medicare. Screenings are most often an out of pocket expense as most insurance companies are not committed to preventative medicine. Insurance companies typically do not cover health screenings. Your doctor would only order tests in the presence of clinical signs or symptoms but we can also charge your insurance carrier with your doctors prescription for the ultrasound.  Many individuals with conditions such as Carotid Artery Disease and Peripheral Arterial Disease may be completely free of symptoms for years while the underlying disease develops.  Additionally, an exam in a hospital may cost as much as $2000, while SmartHealth Screenings cost substantially less.  An inexpensive screening gives you the opportunity to know before submitting to complete the exam, whether or not the exam is necessary.

10.)  We offer one-on-one educational counseling and take time to answer health related questions of our patients and clients. A persons medical history and current health status are often the reason for wanting a SmartHealth screening. Discuss your concerns with us and let us help choose which screening is right for you. SmartHealth Screening works with local health care professionals specializing in nutrition, diet and exercise.

11.) Stroke is the leading cause of serious, long-term disability, and the third leading cause of death in the US. Screenings are painless, non-invasive and provide accurate results regarding normal and abnormal system functions in the human body.

12.) In addition to performing standard vascular, cardiac and abdominal ultrasound exams, SmartHealth Screening  has expanded services by introducing several tests not offered in many labs, including CIMT (Carotid Intimal – Medial Thickness), VRF (venous valve reflux testing) for the detection of venous insufficiency, DBI (Digital/Brachial Index) using PPG (Photoplethysmography) for detection of small vessel arterial disease, and Athletic Cardiac Screening, for detection of cardiomyopathy to aid in the prevention of  SDS (Sudden Cardiac Death Syndrome from CMO – cardiomyopathies and arrhythmias). Packages for teams and schools at discounted rates that include cardiac echo screening and 12 lead EKG.

13.) We accept your FLEX HSA (Health Savings Account) debit cards and cost thousands less than hospital performed exams, even for our fully diagnostic exams.

14.) Our cash-pay rates for fully diagnostic exams (hospital quality) are lower than Medicare rates. Call today for rates.

 Why Choose SmartHealth Screening

People over 50 and with more than two or more risk factors for cardiovascular disease should seriously consider a screening. These factors include family history of stroke or heart attack, smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight, sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet.  Employers also can provide time and resources to give opportunities for employees to be healthier by expanding benefits to include an on-site ultrasound health screening event at the work place. High risk people can become empowered and educated to take better care of themselves with knowledge gained from health screenings. Good health focused  wellness policies that includes education, awareness and prevention can play an important role in improving all Americans while decreasing the ever expanding costs of health-care to tax payers. 


All of our studies are performed using brand new state of the art medical equipment.

The Mindray M7: Premium Quality Performance Through Advanced Technologies. 

The Mindray M7 epitomizes the optimal combination of advanced imaging technologies and miniaturization technologies. Mindray research and development engineers employ the System On Chip (SOC) design within the M7 ultrasound system which enables complex technologies to be built into the M7′s compact laptop style chassis. Medical devices built around SOC designs are energy efficient and highly reliable. The M7′s exceptional image quality, user experience, and versatility have expanded the performance and flexibility envelope for hand carried ultrasound imaging systems.

EKG Machine

Bionet 3000 12 lead EKG machine with age-specific interpretation criteria for accurate readings for youth and adults.

Parks FloLab Model 1059-C Vascular Mini-Lab

Arterial and venous PPG (photoplethysmography) and bi-directional doppler capabilities allow for blood flow analysis with non-invasive testing techniques required for analysis of small vessel disease of the digits of the hands and feet. PPG tests examines venous refill times of the lower extremities and can compliment duplex imaging looking directly at venous valves for insufficiency and incompetency using the M7.


SmartHealth Screening is working towards accreditation by the ICAVL and ICAEL bodies.