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SmartHealth Screening offers a turn-key operation which includes all advance marketing, execution of screenings, and subsequent administration of information, keeping workplace disruption to a minimum. SmartHealth Screening service package includes:

  • A highly qualified team of ultrasound technologists and medical technicians, and state-of-the-art ultrasound and other screening equipment, along with comfortable examination tables and privacy screens.
  • A streamlined and efficient screening procedure which maximizes comfort and minimizes both the time and the space required for the screening event.
  • Workshops/seminars hosted by SmartHealth personnel in advance of screening event to educate employees/members on cardiovascular issues and benefits of cardiovascular disease prevention, so even employees/members who choose not to screen still gain knowledge about the benefits of prevention.
  • All marketing materials including flyers, posters, direct mailers, payroll stuffers, electronic communications and internet postings.
  • Individualized test results that are emailed out within 3 days of the screening event with detailed explanation of the results provided by our Interpreting Physicians.
  • Referrals and copies of the Results Reports that are sent to employees’ primary care physicians if warranted by the testing results.

 Our screenings offer a positive return of investment through:

  • Reduced healthcare costs and more favorable insurance terms.
  • Reduced absenteeism, disability, medical leave and worker’s compensation costs.
  • Increased employee productivity.
  • Higher employee retention and decreased recruitment costs.

Our screenings offer other benefits not measured in dollars:

  • Improved morale /job satisfaction in the workplace.
  • Underscores commitment to a healthy work environment.
  • Enhances organizational image by promoting health beyond the workplace.
  • External image of company/organization is enhanced which helps with employee recruitment.
  • Wellness initiatives, like cardiovascular screening, instill in employees/members a message of self-responsibility.